Within our body armor & plate carrier offerings, we've bundled together a variety of packages that serve as an excellent starting point for anyone looking to exercise their right to own and run body armor. Our Concealable Plate Carrier Package paired with Level 3A Soft Armor Plates is a perfect option for discreet protection, easily worn under a coat or heavy shirt. Our Level 3 Loaded Bundle & Level 3+ Loaded Bundle is our hard ballistic steel plates paired with the classic Minuteman Plate Carrier & 5.56 Quick Draw Triple Mag Pouch.

All of our hard armor plates come with a base coat that aesthetically enhances the plate and provides durable characteristics. This coating does not provide fragmentation mitigation. All plates have the option to add a Kevlar lining, which provides fragmentation and spalling containment and even enhances the performance of the armor. If your carrier or plate does not have anti-fragmentation characteristics, we strongly advise including our proprietary Kevlar lining.