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Level IIIA Soft Armor on a wooden table.


Level IIIA Soft Body Armor

Level IIIA Soft Armor: Concealable Protection

What is Level IIIA Armor?
Level IIIA Body Armor is a soft body armor option that is optimal for concealment and discreet protection. NIJ Standards state that Level IIIA armor must stop a .44 Mag; however, Level IIIA armor is known to stop all common pistol calibers. There are exceptions to this as there are uncommon pistol calibers, as well as rifle calibers shot from weapons that are classified as a pistol, that will shoot with the velocity to penetrate Level IIIA armor. 

For anyone new to the world of body armor, a good way to think of Level IIIA armor is that the "A" represents a half. Therefore, Level IIIA is not quite rated to Level III standards, but is greater than Level II armor. 

Why Level IIIA Armor?
One of the most commonly asked questions in regards to any type of body armor would be "why ever settle for lesser rated armor?" The answer is that you have to prepare against your most probable threat. In the United States if you are involved in a shooting, you are 100x more likely to be shot by a pistol vs rifle. This is why many law enforcement agencies and security personal opt to go with Level IIIA soft armor, as it is far more comfortable to wear for long periods of time and it protects against the most probable threats they are likely to encounter. 

The same is true for citizens, especially in Urban environments, that pistol threats are much higher than that of a rifle threat. And with the ever infringing gun restrictions and regulations that prohibit the law-abiding and embolden the criminal, concealable body armor that stops the most used handgun calibers becomes extremely valuable.


Armor Protection Ratings & NIJ Standards

Concealable Body Armor

Perhaps the biggest benefit of Level IIIA is that it can be worn as concealable body armor. It has a very low-profile design that can be worn underneath any heavy shirt, jacket, or suit coat. Some of the most heavily targeted areas for violent crimes take place in gun free zones where people are most vulnerable. Schools, churches, & businesses are all too often targeted, largely due to the knowledge that there will be very little ability to resist. 

This is why concealable armor is such a valuable advantage for citizens who are seeking extra levels of preparedness and security. 

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