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Level IIIA Wood Backpack Armor Panel, rated to stop most common handgun calibers.

Backpack armor

Level IIIA Backpack Armor

Level IIIA Backpack Armor: Concealable Protection

What is Backpack Armor?
Backpack Armor is an armor panel that can be easily slid into a briefcase, large purse, book bag, and of course, backpacks. The idea is that you can turn your regular backpack into a bulletproof backpack. The armor panel is rated to Level IIIA, which is rated to stop all common pistol calibers (from 9mm to .44 Mag). The panel itself is very thin and lightweight, so that it is hardly noticeable while carrying. The dimensions for Predator Armor's panel is 10.5" x 14".

Concealable Armor
The biggest benefit to the backpack body armor is that it is completely concealable and convenient to carry. Many if not most people carry a bag of some sort with them everyday. This armor panel will slide into your backpack and you don't even know its there. It never has to be removed from your bag. It is lightweight armor and is soft and flexible so it is comfortable and easy to carry. A hard armor plate can be thick and/or heavy and not comfortable to carry on a daily basis. The Backpack Armor is lightweight, thin, flexible, and soft making it a perfect daily carry option. It is also TSA approved body armor. So you can take it with you when traveling as well.

You don't just have to take our word on the ease of carry and performance. Check out the independent review:

The Need for Backpack Armor
As gun regulations continue to infringe American citizen's right to keep and bear arms for self protection, criminals are becoming more and more emboldened to attack where people are most vulnerable. Unfortunately, the biggest target for this are those who are typically most incapable of protecting themselves; this includes our schools, businesses, churches, hospitals, etc. Backpack Armor is designed to be a concealable form of body armor that can be carried with ease. 

Predator Armor's Backpack Armor is rated to Level IIIA which will stop all common handgun calibers. In the United States, you are 100x more likely to be shot with a handgun vs a rifle if you are involved in an armed shooting. So instead of hard armor inserts to protect against rifle threats, we believe that it is always vital to plan and protect against your most probable threat. 


Armor Protection Ratings & NIJ Standards
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