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Level III+ Armor Plates wrapped in Kevlar to mitigate fragmentation and spall concerns.

LEVEL III+ Body Armor

Level III+ Body Armor

Level III+ Armor: Going Above & Beyond 

Origin of Level III+ Armor Rating
Body Armor rated Level III+ is not an official rating of the NIJ Standards. However, it is meant to fill a specific gap between Level III & Level IV body armor and stop higher velocity rounds that have armor piercing capabilities. Since there is no official standard, Level III+ can mean something different for each company that manufacturers it; however, the main definition for Level III+ armor is to show that their armor is rated to exceed the NIJ Standard of stopping more than M80 Ball Ammunition at 2780 FPS (see chart below), but does not achieve the full requirements of Level IV armor. 

Predator Armor's Level III+ Steel Body Armor is tested & proven to defeat M855 (Green Tip Ammunition), M855A1 as well as .30-06 JSP. 


Armor Protection Ratings & NIJ Standards

Cautions of Shopping Level III+ Body Armor

Since there are no official standards for Level III+ Body Armor, it would be wise to be weary of clever marketing ploys that some manufacturers use. The NIJ does not promote the use of "+" ratings when it comes to Level III rated armor, since it is ambiguous and can cause some confusion for the end consumer.  


We at Predator Armor believe that Level III+ is necessary due to the advancements in ammunition technology and firearms that are in common use today that exceed the Level III standard of stopping M80 Ball at 2780 FPS. We also promote that all manufactures should be transparent about what exactly their Level III+ capabilities are so that consumers can make educated decisions. 


We caution all who are shopping for life preserving gear, and especially those who determine that a Level III rated armor will best suite them against their most prominent threats, to thoroughly research the advertised capabilities and make educated purchasing decisions. 


Kevlar Wrapped vs Base Plate 

Each of our Level III+ Armor Plates can be purchased as a base plate or with our optional proprietary Kevlar Wrap add-on. The base plates come powder coated to protect against elements and rigorous use. The Kevlar Wrapping is our proprietary solution to mitigate frag and spall concerns that are associated with running steel armor plates. 


Predator Armor offers both base plate & kevlar wrapped options to allow customers to seek out 3rd party solutions for frag/spall mitigation if they choose. 

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