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Predator Armor Untamed Energy Shot with a .44mag casing.

Untamed Energy

Energy Shots (Untamed Energy)

Untamed Energy Shot 

Six Shot Energy Pack

The Ultimate Energy Shot to keep you going through thick and thin, through rain or shine, and to help you perform at your very best. Perfect for hiking, extreme fitness, driving, or nailing the next business project. Each shot contains 300mg of caffeine, so this is certainly not the energy shot for the fragile, weak, or faint of heart. For moderate energy, we recommend enjoying half a bottle (1oz.). For maximum energy drink full bottle (2oz.). 

The 6-Shot Energy Pack contains six 2oz. bottles totaling 1800mg of caffeine. However, we highly recommend not drinking more than one or two bottles in a day. 

Throw a 6-Shot pack on with your next order and see what Untamed Energy feels like. 

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