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Civilian Training

Civilian Wearing Predator Tactical Gear

What if I told you that the Second Amendment does NOT provide you the right to keep and bear arms?

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

A statement we all know and love, right? One of the core fundamentals to the continued survival and well-being of this country is its citizens’ right to constantly keep the government in check. We know this is imperative because it is what made us a free nation in the first place. History and current statistical data have taught us again and again that an armed nation is a safe nation.

However, does a statement written on parchment grant you this right? I guess technically, you could say yes. But intrinsically, no. You are not allowed to keep and bear arms and organize with others to protect your freedoms because the Constitution allows you to. You are allowed to because it is your God-given right. If you do not believe in God, then it is your natural right as a human being and member of the animal kingdom to protect yourself and your own personal agency. No government or authoritative power should be allowed to tell you otherwise.

Critical to understanding the universality of this right is recognizing the fact that it enables everyone to take part. Which means yes, if you have not served in the military, you are entitled to the same rights and same privileges. You are allowed to purchase firearms, you are allowed to purchase tactical gear, you are allowed to organize into groups, and you are allowed (and expected) to check your government.

Being current or former military is NOT a requirement for being properly trained and equipped.

This becomes a hot topic on Instagram every now and then. Everyone with an AR and a plate carrier wants to post cool photos of themselves wearing their gear looking all “tacticool” for their friends. No hate, we’ve done it too. Whether or not you think people should be doing this, there are individuals that believe this is not okay under any circumstances. Some people, even notable individuals within the 2A industry, have been known to say that if you are not current or former military, you are “not allowed” to buy tactical gear like plate carriers, night vision, etc. Some even call it stolen valor. As if.

Let’s nip that one right now: NO ONE is allowed to tell you what you can and cannot purchase. NO ONE is allowed to tell you that you can or cannot organize and train simply because you do not have prior military experience. If you go around online trying to stop people from doing so, you will quickly find that you are the minority - as you should be. The vast majority of social media influencers in the 2A community, civilian and military alike, strongly encourage freedom-loving individuals everywhere to be well-armed, well-trained, and well-prepared.

After all, look at the foundation of this country.

Can you imagine if General Washington stood up in his camp and told everyone, “Alright guys, if you didn’t previously serve in the British army, go ahead and just leave. We may be outnumbered and outgunned, but you aren’t REAL soldiers, so it’s just stolen valor. You don’t deserve to fight with us.”

Of course you wouldn’t have heard that. Because no one cared about your background - they cared about your usefulness and commitment to the cause. And thank goodness for the devoted, patriotic, everyday citizens that took up arms to help create the country you and I live in today.

So, to all of our friends, military or not: If you want to spend $10,000 on tactical equipment only to LARP with it in your basement… You do you. You are 100% allowed to. And you do not let anyone tell you otherwise. But, for the love of God, please consider learning how to use it properly at the very least. All that stuff may look cool (everyone has to look cool on the gram, we get it), but it is essentially useless if you are not prepared to actually use it for its intended purpose.

So you’re a concerned civilian, and you want to do your part in preserving the freedoms we all love. What steps can you take?

An excellent question! We’ve provided some important tips to help you out:

Hit the Books

Class time is just as important as range time, and any soldier worth his or her salt will reaffirm this. If you want to be prepared, you must be educated. We are not saying you have to go get physical books, but take time each day or week to learn about important topics. Study ballistics. Learn some first-aid techniques. Review old war strategies. Study history. Learn a language. Strengthening your mind comes in handy on the battlefield, much more than you may think. You need to be prepared, physically AND mentally, for anything. The soldier with superior intellect almost always has the upper-hand.

Build your kit

This is, of course, where Predator Armor is glad to help. Take the time to assess your goals, objectives, etc., and begin building a kit accordingly. Build several kits with different goals. We’ve talked in previous articles about what to include with your plate carrier, but make sure to invest in other solid gear as well - helmets, first-aid, clothing, a good belt, weapons, ammunition, food, you get the idea.

Assemble your crew

Being alone when shit hits the fan is a recipe for disaster, especially if you’re responsible for friends or loved ones who are incapable of defending themselves. With an organized, well-trained, and trustworthy team, you will be astronomically more effective in any situation. Take the time to reach out to other like-minded friends and associates, and start assembling a team. Train with them, hang out with them, learn to trust them. Whether you have a full squad or a single battle buddy, it will provide an enormous advantage over working alone.

Learn first aid and survival skills

This may belong with tip #1, but it is worth mentioning in its own light. I always tell people that you should not be ready to make holes unless you are prepared to plug them. Take the time to understand how to treat GSW’s, administer CPR, apply a splint, and so on. Learn how to start a fire. Learn how to make shelter. Take a course on wilderness survival, or ask around for help. Browse forums. Go camping and practice what you learn. You’ll be glad you did.

Establish a moral code and live by it

I cannot stress this point enough. In any difficult situation, you may find yourself needing to make significant (even life or death) moral decisions - and often in a split second. If there is one thing this nation lacks today, it is a sense of morality - individuals that truly stand for something. Take the time to perform a personal inventory of yourself and your beliefs, and figure out what you stand for. Learn how to love, learn how to care for your neighbor, and even more importantly, learn why you should. Ensure these ideals are communicated with your team to at least some degree, and attempt to cultivate a community geared towards positive, charitable ideals. You’ll be much safer this way.

After all, my father always told me: “If the government collapses, those “Liberals” everybody loves to hate aren’t going to be your enemy - Your real enemy will be the unprepared guy down the street with 3 days worth of food supply, an AR-15, and no moral compass. No matter your political beliefs, do not allow yourself to be devoid of morality.”


If you’ve ever attempted to master something - be it an instrument, a sport, a trade, etc. - you understand the importance of consistency. Make sure you and your team are putting in time on and off the range. Practice the above tips as often as you reasonably can. Revisit previous topics. Keep your skills sharp, because learning first-aid one time and never touching the topic again will spell disaster when you need to treat a flesh wound 7 months later and can’t remember how.

Remember - This is NOT the time to sit idly and watch your freedoms diminish

It may have been funny at first, but we are long past the days of perpetually telling the world that we “lost all of our guns in a boating accident.” We cannot afford to sit idly and attempt to simply hide while snakes in Congress are cunningly stripping our rights away from us at this very moment.

Unfortunately, the time to start preparing was yesterday. Every new day brings a plethora of unknowns for the future. Many Americans are too content with this. They are comfortable and perceive that they are not in any imminent danger. They decide that the easiest choice is to put the side-effects of unconstitutional legislation and the results of a nation declining in morality on the generations to come. I don’t understand how they can sleep at night.

I cannot in good conscience accept that as a reality. I care for my son too much. If I see an opportunity to make change happen, I am obligated to him, myself, and my nation to take it. There can be no more “boating accidents” and there can be no more sitting by idly. Still, I am just one person. What difference can I make?

The answer is that I can make ALL the difference. I can follow the suggestions listed above. I can write letters to my political representatives. I can join and align myself with groups avidly fighting for my rights, like the Firearms Policy Coalition. I can prepare myself and my family. I can educate my children and those around me. I can strive to continually become a person and urge others to have the courage to do the same.

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other” - John Adams



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