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Level IIIA Soft Body Armor

With the ever looming question, “what type of body armor should I own?” Predator Armor continues to expand its offerings into the world of Soft Body Armor. Remember, there is no universal “do-all” body armor for every application - owning multiple types of body armor for multiple situations will always allow you to be the most prepared. If you are looking to up your home defense game, live in a crowded area, or are just seeking protection from handgun rounds, read on!


The world of Soft Body Armor

“Why would you ever want anything other than the strongest body armor available? IIIA armor is a waste of time.”

Ever hear something like this? While it may be a tempting thought to entertain, hardly anything in the tactical world is that simple. Have you ever seen an “important” individual surrounded by secret service-looking individuals in suits? Although these individuals may not “look” armed to the teeth, you can bet they are more than likely equipped with both weapons and armor. So why the discreet look?

Think about it - if you’re a bad guy looking to cause as much harm as possible while preserving your own life, you are going to make it a point to eliminate any potential threats to yourself first, right? If guys are walking around with plate carriers and M4’s, you’re going to attempt to either avoid them entirely, or target them first - the point is, they are always on your mind. So, when the bodyguard is concealing weapons and armor, they “appear” to be much less of a threat, and are thus prioritized lower by those seeking to cause harm. They will likely have additional reaction time to respond to an attack.

Can you think of any other situations where having concealed, flexible body armor could provide an advantage?

This is just one small example where soft, concealable body armor would play a monumental advantage to the wearer. Always remember that every situation will call for unique gear and tactics, and that is something that should be on your mind when preparing for any mission.

Level 3, Level 3A, Level 3+ - what does it all mean?!

Okay, quick re-cap on body armor levels and their stopping requirements, as established by the National Institute of Justice:

  • Level IIA: 9mm Full Metal Jacket Round Nose, .40 S&W Full Metal Jacket

  • Level II: .357 Magnum Jacketed Soft Point

  • Level IIIA: .357 SIG FMJ Flat Nose, .44 Magnum Semi Jacketed Hollow Point

  • Level III: 7.62x51mm FMJ Steel Jacket (M80)

  • Level IV: .30 Armor Piercing (AP) (M2 AP, known commonly as 30-06 “Black Tip”)


As a reminder, III+ is not an “official” body armor level - it is used by armor companies to designate a plate that is stronger than baseline Level III armor, but still not capable of stopping 30-06 AP rounds.


Level IIIA body armor is the strongest soft armor available on the market. It is the final “soft” level before shifting to “hard” body armor at Level III and up. It is also the highest level of body armor that is NOT rated to stop rifle rounds. In other words, it is the ultimate protection against handguns - and is generally ideal for environments where handguns are common, as well as where being highly mobile is a reasonable expectation.

Predator IIIA Soft Body Armor

We at Predator have decided to put our own spin on this technology. What makes Predator Level IIIA Soft Armor unique? Well, our armor has been tested by an independent NIJ credentialed laboratory to certify that it exceeds NIJ Level IIIA specifications, which states that it will stop .357 SIG FMJ, as well as. 44 MAG SJHP. This soft armor possesses an ultra-slim and flexible profile without giving up any stopping capability. The Hybrid Kevlar system utilized is unmatched within the soft armor industry, providing top-rated stopping ability while still remaining thin, durable, and comfortable. It is extraordinarily low-profile, allowing you to use it in discrete environments.



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