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Predator Armor Survival Kit

Survival Kit, Emergency Kit, Emergency Car Kit

Bad things happen to everyone.

Have you ever been stranded on the highway?

Have you ever spent a night lost in the woods?

Have you ever been caught in a major natural disaster?

If you’re the adventurous type, chances are you’ll be caught in a bad situation somewhere down the road. Things do not always go according to plan, even for the most experienced and prepared individuals. This is no reason to live in fear, however. While you cannot plan for every potential complication, you can bring the tools and knowledge necessary to adapt and survive just about anything.

Even if you are not the adventurous type, you will more than likely be caught in a bad situation here or there, regardless of where (or how) you live. Last winter, I recall reading an article which reported that multiple individuals in New York City had been caught in a severe blizzard, and a fair few of them actually succumbed to the cold within miles of their homes or right outside their vehicles. What started as a normal day for these people ended with their untimely and unnecessary deaths - all due to not being adequately prepared.

Deer hunter wearing coyote plate carrier and body armor.

Whether you’re in the woods hunting deer or in the city commuting to work, a solid survival kit can mean the difference between life and death.

No matter what type of life you live, you must always expect the unexpected. You may have full control over your own actions, but you do not have that same control over the actions of others, or mother nature for that matter; which means you literally cannot anticipate every situation. You can only train, learn, and be prepared.

Why we made a Survival Kit

“But you’re a body armor company - why make something like this?”

Interestingly enough, Predator Armor was not originally meant to be a body armor company - our earliest outlines had our goals largely tailored towards the Prepper audience. While we are by no means “doomsday preppers” (can’t say we don’t fantasize about it now and then), we have a special appreciation for the idea of being prepared for anything.

Our employees believe strongly in the importance of being prepared with a surplus of food, water, and supplies for any emergency. This ideology is reflected heavily throughout our entire company. That inspiration found its way into the birth of Predator Armor as we ultimately gravitated towards the body armor side of things, and we feel strongly about using our platform within this industry to promote the importance of self-reliance.

After all, body armor and firearms should always be considered the last resort of all last resorts. Any available non-lethal tools should be utilized first to effectively resolve a sticky situation, if the situation allows for it.

Man in tactical gear and body armor with a flashlight

You never know what is on the other side.

And often, those “last resort” situations do not involve the exchanging of gunfire at all - sometimes they involve the exchanging of metaphorical gunfire with Mother Nature; where your weapon is your brain, and your ammunition is the tools you have at your disposal to survive in a harsh environment; be it the middle of a snowstorm, the side of a desert highway, or a densely-populated city during a natural disaster. As pessimistic as it may sound, “no one is coming to save you” is a solid approach to preparedness, one that we try to live by.

For all of this, we selected our motto: The Prepared Have Nothing to Fear.

Introducing the Predator Armor Survival Kit

Body Armor isn’t the only thing we excel at. When we put our name on something, we want to be proud of it - and we are damn proud of this one.

Survival kit, Survival and emergency items

Don’t be caught without the necessities.

Be prepared at any moment with Predator Armor's Mini Survival Kit. This survival kit provides the necessary items should an emergency arise. At only 6.5" x 3.5", it is not large and bulky like a survival backpack. The kit is contained in a cordura nylon pouch that is compact and convenient to carry on the go.

The kit’s contents include:

  • 1 Utility Pouch

  • Fishing Kit (Hook, Line, and Sinkers)

  • Paracord (25 ft)

  • Water Purification Tablet

  • Water Pouch

  • Flashlight

  • Multi Knife

  • Ferro Rod

  • Mini Compass

  • Fire Starter

  • Batteries

  • Med Kit

Med Kit Contents: Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Gloves, Burn Cream, Tweezers, Gauze, Bandage Wrap, Bandaids, and Alcohol Wipes.

Simple. Thorough. Effective.

The Survival Kit makes a perfect emergency vehicle kit. It easily fits in your glove box or under your seat. If you are in an accident or break down, you can have the assurance of knowing you're prepared with essential survival items for a variety of situations (I keep one in my truck at all times). The times you might find you use the items in the survival kit are more frequent than you think. People tend to think that a “survival kit” would only be used in the most extreme circumstances but that is not the case. Maybe it is that you have a bad headache one day, conveniently you have some tylenol or ibuprofen inside the survival kit that is in your car or backpack. Maybe you are having a bbq in the park with some friends and one of the kids burns his hand on the bbq (anyone who has children knows how they gravitate to those items they shouldn’t). You have burn cream and band aids in the car inside your survival kit. You get a flat tire on the side of the road coming home from work in the dark, once again if you have your survival kit in the car then you have a flashlight to help you see while you change the flat tire. The use cases go on and on.

It is an essential piece of gear for your next outdoor adventure; carry it in your backpack, or just attach it to your belt and forget about it. It is large enough to hold the essential items, small enough to be an EDC survival kit, and durable enough to go with you come hell or high water.

Body armor, backpack, plate carrier, tactical gear

You can never foresee everything that may or may not happen on a mission. Your life matters, so quality gear should as well.

The survival kit comes in our Predator Armor Utility Pouch. Made from 1000D Cordura, the pouch is built to last. Laser cut MOLLE on the back allows attachment to your MOLLE/PALS system. It is belt-compatible, includes a zipper across the top for easy opening and closing, and two pockets inside to organize and secure your gear.

Whatever your use case may be, this minimalist Survival Kit will fit your needs.

Remember - A tool is useless without the knowledge to use it.

While possessing the tools necessary to survive may increase your chances of survival, they never guarantee it. Improperly-placed tourniquets have ended the lives of the same people they were meant to save. Negligently-handed firearms have ended the lives of the same people they were meant to protect. You get the idea. If you purchase an item that has the potential to save (or end) a life, you are also purchasing the obligation to use that item properly: the way it was intended.

We get it - peace of mind is important. And to many, peace of mind is found in owning a specific tool - be it a survival kit, firearm, body armor - and maintaining the hope that this tool never actually has to be used. While this may be sufficient for most (and thankfully, it is true that most people will not need to use these tools in life-or-death situations), the importance of understanding your tool cannot be understated. Take the time to learn, and practice often.

Knowledge is power, power is survival, and survival is victory.

Be victorious.



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