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Tactical-Life Body Armor Review

We recently sent off a body armor package to Fred Mastison at to shoot and test. We sent our kevlar wrapped plate Level III Plates so he could test the stopping capability as well as any frag or spall that might come off the plate. He found as many other reviewers of our kevlar wrapped plates have found, the frag and spall were eliminated by the kevlar wrapping.

Fred put the plates into our Minuteman Plate Carrier and put some lead downrange. He shot the plates with the following:

  • Two rounds of 115 grain 9mm from a Glock 17

  • Two rounds of the same 9mm ammunition through a Quarter Circle 10 YKMF-5

  • Two rounds of 55-grain 5.56mm ball ammunition from the Daniel Defense MK19 DIII

  • Two shots from a Mossberg 590A1 short barrel of 12-gauge 00 buck

  • Two shots from a Smith & Wesson 460 VXR, running Hornady 200-grain Hornady FTX

The results from his testing were conclusive that there was no penetration and no frag/spall.

Check the full review out for yourself here:



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